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Gmail's new image caching is breaking image links in Image links broken in Gmail because of google's Image proxy; Doubtful, but maybe a cookie problem; Image URL proxy whitelist setting - this has turned out to be the solution for a few users who are under Google Apps. Via Gmail is not showing image when image url is getting appended with https: Google Uses a Proxy to Load Gmail Images

Feb 19, 2017

After weeks of troubleshooting, we found out that one of our security firewalls have blocked Google Image Proxy from accessing our images. – user3283396 Apr 26 '18 at 6:39 I'll do some research in the suggested direction, but we had the same results with images I placed in G Drive and made public/globally available – MtnPavlas Jan 31 '19 at How To Use Google Translate As Proxy Server Aug 10, 2016 Google image proxy showing different user agent > Litmus